doTERRA Success Coaching Calls

498: Success - 2022 October 5

Episode Summary

Tiffany coaches on questions asked by Wellness Advocates.

Episode Notes

I want to think about building, but I sort of felt like it was an accident that I hit Elite. How can I overcome that mindset so I can push off to the next level and bring other people along with me?

I have a good friend who is a brand new wellness advocate and runs a Christmas bazaar every year. She is so excited about DoTERRA that it's what she wants to show on her table. What doTERRA products can she put on her table?

I have a few people that want me to order the MetaPWR  kit through me without signing up for the first 30 days to try it and then sign up if they decide to continue. Is this okay? Or should I just sign them up?